List of Posters for the Exhibition

Jan Brütting, Gennaro Senatore and Corentin Fivet:
Re-Use in Architecture and Structural Design

Corneel Cannaerts and Holger Hoffmann:
Grounding Associative Geometry

Margherita Ferrari:
Headmade. The Transformation of the Wood Manufacturing

Anke Fissabre, Inga Hahn, Gesa Königstein, Heike Matcha, Günter Barczik and Nikolai Roskammi:
Teaming, Taming and Teeming: Teaming up People for Taming Complex Problems by Creating Environments Teeming with Possibilities

Fabrizio Leoni:
Leisure / Hospitality / Exhibition. Three mixed-use Projects for Milan, Olbia, Sanya, at the Frontier of Teaching, Researching and Professional Design

Manuel Pfänder:
Tailored Precast Concrete Structures – Experimental Design of Tailored Fabric Formwork for Precast Structural Concrete Elements

Clara Rellensmann and Alexander Römer:
Studio Bagan – Building in Heritage 

Torsten Schröder:
Translating the Concept of Sustainability into Architectural Design Practices: The Case of London City Hall

Benoît Vandenbulcke:
Savoir-faire/faire savoir: How to Engage Architecture Practice 
as a Research Tool?

Vera Viana:
Topological Interlocking of Convex Regular Polyhedra